Teaching Excellence Winners 2016_small

The International Teaching Excellence Award Committee and the ACBSP home office are excited to announce a new and improved process for the Teaching Excellence Award nomination and application process. We’re going digital!

The new process is completely online and easier than ever. To help streamline the process, we’ve added a nomination form to the Teaching Excellence Award page at acbsp.org. By using this form, nominators will be able to submit a nomination without having to fill out the full application, providing responses to the five criteria, or submitting the supplemental materials (letter of recommendation, vita, and photo). Instead, the individuals nominated will receive an email from the home office letting them know they have been nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award, who nominated them, and giving directions on how to complete the application process.

We made this change to make it easier for nominators, who might not have all the required information, such as a formal vita or some of the criterion responses.

Of course self-nominations are still accepted and encouraged. We’ve made the self-nomination process just as easy by adding a link to the Teaching Excellence Award application site where individuals will be able to fill out the application, provide the criterion responses, and upload the other required documents.

We hope that transitioning the nomination and application process to an online platform will make it easier for individuals to nominate and apply for the International Teaching Excellence Award and encourage individuals from all ACBSP Regions to participate.

The Teaching Excellence Committee and ACBSP home office encourage you to check out the new process and see just how easy it is!

Questions? Contact Carmen Hayes, Director, Member Services at chayes@acbsp.org or 913.339.9356.

Written by: Alison Roberts | September 1, 2017

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