The Board of Directors has authorized the formation of a Legislative Advisory Committee with the following charge:

The Legislative Advisory Committee shall monitor the legislative process at the national level to identify matters and legislation relating to higher education and accreditation (specifically programmatic accreditation). Each year, the committee shall gather feedback from the ACBSP membership and then research viable positions on issues while developing recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors. In coordination with the Board, the Committee will direct legislative action programs while encouraging grassroots efforts through member engagement. Committee members shall possess knowledge of the legislative process and have a willingness for involvement in political activities. The Committee may conduct an open hearing during the Annual Business Meeting of the Council to review the proposed legislative programs and discuss relevant legislative issues with members.

The Committee has been formed as a select committee rather than a standing committee meaning that all appointments will be made by the Board of Directors rather than through regional appointment.

If you have interest in serving on this committee, please send an email to Jeffrey Alderman, ACBSP President/CEO, at

Appointments will be finalized in early September and all candidates notified of their status.


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