Members in the News: Romana Bates, a faculty member and ACBSP Champion at Danube University Krems, is a contributor to the recently published, Quality Culture — A Look at University Practices: Contributions to the 4th AQ Austria, a publication of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria 4th Annual Conference 2016. (PDF available for download.)

The title of Romana’s article (pg. 123-129) is: Baldrige Excellence Framework – an example of a framework with core values for achieving performance excellence in higher education.

“The articles discuss the understanding of the value of quality culture, the effects on and by internal and external structures and question how values by staff members can be encouraged in coherence with a quality culture,” she said. “Further, articles discuss the relationship of quality culture and external quality assurance and the impact of quality culture in higher education.”

Romana writes: “Quality systems have the potential to be more than a performance checklist. A quality framework can help an organisation embed and maintain core values as a recognised key to success. This article introduces the ACBSP accreditation process which has at its heart the Baldrige Excellence Framework. The Baldrige Excellence Framework is a guideline applied by the American accreditation agency ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) to its accreditation process.”

“This accreditation process should be understood as a learning process in its own right. Organisational strengths and weaknesses have to be reviewed continuously with assessments made as to the areas in which the organisation is achieving success and those where improvements have to be made.” Central to this accreditation process is the need for the organisation to address [six] criteria which analyse areas of improvement covering leadership; strategy; customers; measurements, analysis and knowledge management; workforce; operation; results. These…criteria are based on a set of core values and concepts by which the quality system provides direction in support of the organisation’s ethos and actions. Consequently, the values of this system will be more and more reflected in the organisational culture of the institution.”

Danube University Krems is a candidate for ACBSP accreditation of its business programs.

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