ACBSP Conference 2017 Booklet Cover

Business schools must demonstrate ways in which they are evolving to meet the needs of students and preparing them for a competitive global economy.

How will this be accomplished? How can we, as business educators, transform our classrooms to meet the ever changing marketplace and provide the greatest educational value for our students? We invite you to explore and share successful strategies that will prepare our students for career success.

What ACBSP Wants for You

We want to help you improve the quality of education within your institution, creating better students for the ever-changing workplace. We want you to stay current with the latest in business education.

What to Expect

• Dr. Judith Eaton, president of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), delivering the opening keynote presentation on Saturday titled, Examining the Accreditation Space: Accreditation and Its Constituents.

• More than 70 sessions featuring presenters who are thought leaders in their respective areas, in three educational tracks: Accreditation, Teaching Excellence, and Preparing Students for Career Success.

• More than 800 individuals from 60 countries in one location, all focused on improving business education.

Promotional Booklet

A conference promotional booklet is available with a preliminary schedule and conference details. Or visit

Register now to take part in the ACBSP Conference 2017 experience. Prices go up after May 15.

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