The cost of a degree and a school’s international ranking are of top interest to candidates searching a business school’s website for information, according to a new global survey.

The findings suggest schools need to tell their story well if they hope to stand out in a competitive international field.

Of 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 57 nationalities who took part in the GenerationWeb survey, 82 percent wanted to know about tuition costs while 78 percent were curious about school rankings. Just 18 percent were interested in profiles of alumni, according to the survey conducted last year by British business school consultant CarringtonCrisp, with support from the European Federation for Management Development.

The study also found that 48 percent of respondents searched social networking sites for information on business schools, compared to less than one-fifth of survey participants five years ago.

“The problem with many business schools’ ads is that they say little that is different to competitors,” study author Andrew Crisp states in a press release. “Prospective students want hard evidence of why a school is different and right for them, but presented as a story, not as a hard sell.”

From The Globe and Mail on February 22, 2017

Written by: Jennifer Lewington

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